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About Edo Wulia

Edward Hironimus Wulia (Edo) was born in Semarang in 1970, and grew up in his father's home island - Bali, Indonesia. His parents run a music school in Denpasar, where music and art has always been an integral part of the family circle.

After graduating from his high school, SMAN 1 Denpasar (1989), Edo continued to study in the Arts Institute of Indonesia (Institut Seni Indonesia/ISI) in Yogyakarta. While majoring in Graphic Art where he had constant exposure to paintings and diverse media in graphic art, he also carried on his passion in music as a drummer, dynamically involved in numerous bands and musical projects around Yogyakarta.

Towards his last years of Graphic Art study, along with his participation in several graphic art exhibitions in Yogyakarta, Edo's involvement in music thrived and he decided to pursue his music study in Los Angeles, USA. In 1997, he graduated with Honors from the Musicians Institute, Hollywood, earning his diploma from its Percussion Institute of Technology.

Going straight back to Indonesia, Edo relocated to Jakarta. Since then, his portfolio as a professional musician includes the SEA Games 1997, the prolific voice group Warna and the celebrated singer Reza, as well as various other projects under the guidance of the leading composer/arranger Tamam Hoesein. In 1999 Edo moved back to his hometown and kept on being a professional musician.

He recently revived his passion for the art of Ukiyo-e, expressing yet another side of his life.

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